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Best Martial Arts for the Kiddos

kata Martial arts can be a healthy addition to lifestyle. The physical and mental training that is necessary to be successful in a martial art gives students practical skills they can apply to distinct life facets. With so many schools offering martial arts everywhere, it may be tricky for parents to evaluate them and determine the right martial art for the kids. Even though no single art fits all children, there are some that are more suited for the kids and those that are not. Some styles focus on preparing children for real tournaments while others increase emphasis on developing self-esteem and character.

The first thing you need is being sure of the reasons of looking for a martial art for your kid. There are several skills you can acquire through martial skills like fitness improvement, self-defense, teaching self-confidence, and training to become competitive in martial events. While most of the arts are acceptable for children, you cannot say this for coaches and schools. Therefore, the first step you need to make before choosing the art for your kid is determining the ones being offered in your area. You have to access the schools that are in your area, the instructors that are there, and the instructors given to both instructors and students.

You need to explore the schools found in your area to determine the styles they use. You can go to the web so that you get a summary of tenets, techniques, and history of each martial art. Do not just consider your goals for your kid like building physical strength, and becoming more self-confident, but also your kid’s skills when deciding the best fitting art. Mixed martial arts and judo have focused on grappling, which involves pinning and locking opponents down. These may not be the right arts for children that are claustrophobic. However, these styles may be great for building the stamina and physical strength of the child.

Once you possess the right styles for your child, it is prudent to start calling the schools in the area offering those styles. The research needs to match with the details supplied by the school. You need to find a class where your kid will fit comfortably without getting intimidated. Find out the total number of instructors in each class because a high student to teacher ratio will not give the best result. It is also vital to find out if they offer child education and first aid certifications. The schools also need to have formal training for their coaches to teach them on how to train the kids.

After settling on the school of choice, you may need to visit it without the kid to know if the equipment and physical location will fit your kid. If you realize that they are anxious to train when visiting, those are signs that it is the wrong school for your children. Several schools will allow you to take part in their classes so that you are comfortable to allow your kid join. You need to know that your children will be more committed if the martial art is a family activity.

What you need to know about martial arts


During a time of uncertainty where the natural climate of the world is it at a rather heightened state. The ability to defend yourself without a weapon has become and more present. Most of us can remember movies like, “The Last Dragon”, and stand in our living room, practising those movies. Bruce Lee was and even with his death is still a figurehead in the martial arts movement that have moved across the world. At a time, the only people you would see practising martial arts were at time military workers and those in law enforcement.

For Everyone

Martial arts has moved into the realm where almost everyone can do some form of it. It has become so popular that it has moved into the world of MMA. Where seasoned fighters are picking a specific speciality and using that in the Octagon. If you are not a fighter, that’s OK. You do not need to be a ripped and toned athlete to put on a kartaegi ( if your are practicing karate ), to go out and learn for yourself. Keep in mind whatever style you deide to practice has a different name, you may have thought it was the same it is not, do not get hit on your first day using the wrong term, LOL. Its popularity has grown to a point where its starting to be offered in school, which is a huge move, to where it could replace wrestling. With that being said, it now will have a much larger market of individuals who will want to partake. What was once a form done by individuals over the age of 35, will now be directed to a group under the age of 18, who will have more options than just football and basketball.

What Should I Choose To Practice?

With multiple forms now being offered, let’s start off with what is extremely popular right now, Mix Martial Arts (MMA). MMA, has taken the world by storm where individuals are joining who were parts of a specific function , and are now blending what they know into a newer form that could be used for the ring, and even outside the ring. What leads the pack is a style that has become so popular these buildings are popping up everywhere. Brazilian Jui-Jitsu (BJJ), which is a form of kodokan judo (ground fighting ) and after years of training, practicing, and competitions it has become its own form. BJJ is being taught all over the world, and if you are being taught BJJ, it is safe to say you are learning the traits, from famous BJJ instructions with the last name, Gracie. Keep in mind, that there are many forms or Martial Arts; the power and strength of Karate, the smooth flowing style of Tai-Chi, and the form and function of Kung-Fu.


Martial Arts as a place for everyone no matter the disciple that you choose. All they ask is that you go in with a open mind and heart.

Martial Arts for Newbs

Whether it’s for self-defense or for a good useful workout, martial arts is never a bad choice. Heralded as one of the coolest skills a person can learn in his lifetime, it’s no wonder why a lot of people get curious. If you ever get the urge to try it out, keep in mind a few things.

Start by Getting Physically Fit

Learning complex physical movements requires a very strong and flexible body. You need to have loose but strong muscles. If you have never worked out before, you have to start with a regular jog and work your way up. Stamina, strength and agility are very important factors you need to master in order to be able to do the moves well.

Be Very Open-minded

Let’s say you started getting lessons and it’s your first day. Your teacher tells you to repeatedly stack books, for instance. This might sound useless, but consider doing it anyway. Like what you see in movies, never judge a book by its cover. Everything has a purpose and your martial arts teacher won’t be a teacher if he didn’t know what he was doing. Have faith and be open to anything.

Don’t Cut Corners

It might feel good to be different from the rest, but only if it’s a good thing. If you’re wearing trainer shorts because you want to be a fashionable martial artist, try looking for a hip hop teacher. Always honor the instructions of your teacher. If they give you a training menu, follow them even without their supervision. If they require you to wear the uniform when training even at home, do it.

Learning a new skill requires time and a lot of patience. If you really want to be physically capable, you will have the motivation to go through the challenges. It is only when you give up that you stop learning, so keep on trying until you reach your goals. Practice and experience the wondrous benefits of learning martial arts.